Q : Why don’t I receive an email inviting me for an interview?

A : The reasons are the following:
1. Sometimes there are many job applications and spend time to prioritize and screen shortlisted
candidates. OR
2. Your qualification is not matched for the opening position. It’s possible that your qualification
is matched with other position in the future. If so, you might be approached if that position is opened.

Q : What is jobs characteristics in Trade & Investment Support Office?

A : Act as a window person to support and provide services for operations of planning, procurement, supply and control quality of Completely Knocked Down (CKD) and raw material. However, the job description depends on each Department.

Q : If I have experience in Engineering but interested in a job of Trade & Investment Support Office, which position should I apply for?

A : You can apply for a position that requires engineering skill (please view details in job advertisement) i.e. Quality Control Department, Quality Development Department, or Procurement Engineering Department.

Q : I cannot image jobs and working culture in YMAC because I have worked for Manufacturing company. What do you explain about this?

A : For job image, you can find the details of job description in job advertisement and can contact us for more information.
For working culture, it’s office work style which emphasizes on the coordination within internal and external parties and work as a team.

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If there are no interested position or no opening position available at this time but you are interested in the future opportunities, please check our positions in “Apply now” and submit your application. We will contact you if a role becomes available that matches your skills and experiences.

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