YMAC Development Models

Creative and design process starts with market research in order to understand the desire of customer and their expectation.


The Design team will reflect the market research result in our model design and styling.

We create our prototype by 3D technology for the best structure, function and design product that match with our customer’s expectation.


For Engineering : we apply both current and new technology to develop our motorcycle parts. For Testing: we perform our testing process professionally with high technology to ensure the highest quality, efficiency and safety riding based on our best design.


All-New Yamaha Aerox 155 the Year 2021 The new Yamaha Aerox… the most exciting. Sport… genius The best of sports automation New sporty design around the car Fierce in the style of SuperSport cars with Full Cowling and X iconic new powerful performance with the strength of the new 155 cc Blue Core engine, combined with the intelligent variable valve VVA with new technology Y-Connect, the first time in Thailand! Connect to vehicle data to respond to usage

XSR 155

New Yamaha XSR155 new color! Sport Heritage, traditional values Connected to new technology, legends are nested behind the sophistication. Custom the way you are to complete the life you use Driving the original way... Let life go further


"Yamaha M-Slaz" comes with a slogan that clearly indicates who you are. It is a Naked-style Street Bike motorcycle that is distinguished by the design of the sitting position that gives a distinctly different feel to it from the MT-Series family that will make the rider have fun. and exhilarating with the control of the car in every rhythm of driving Engine power 150 cc, water-cooled. with an intelligent injection system, precisely dispensing oil Exciting every drive Strong diesel cylinder, 6-speed sports gear, exciting driving!!

FINO 125

Yamaha Fino 125 (Yamaha Fino) year 2021, new color, modern classic style. Original automatic fashion in Thailand Comfortable driving with BLUE CORE engine, injection system, powerful 125 cc, but very fuel-efficient. easy care Big cushions to sit comfortably and confidently


Yamaha Grand Filano Hybrid Premium Fashion Automatic scooter 125 cc. with Modern Classic style.

Smart with BLUECORE engine working with hybrid system. Provide various usage functions and improve efficiency in riding performance, economy, convenience, and eco friendly for different lifestyles with high class feeling.”

Aerox (2021)


M-Slaz (2019)

FINO (2021)