We care about employees’ quality of life and we reward for working hard with welfare and benefits to ensure our employees’ wellness as following.

  • Bonus
  • Provident Fund
  • Health Insurance
  • Life & Accident Insurance
  • Dental Allowance
  • Annual Physical Check Up
  • Shuttle Bus
  • Japanese Language Allowance
  • Overseas Training Program
  • Language Training (English & Japanese)
  • Soft Skills & Technical Skills Training
  • Long Service Year Rewards
  • Honorable Reward
  • Motorcycle Welfare
  • Special Price For Yamaha Products
  • Marriage Allowance
  • Child’s Birth Allowance
  • Ordinate Allowance
  • Travelling Allowance (Domestic And Overseas)
  • Get-well Gift
  • Cremation Allowance For Employee And Family
  • Uniform
  • Etc.

Yamaha Motor Asian Center Co., Ltd. is recruiting skilled professionals to join our growing businesses in Research and Development and Trade & Investment Support Office

If there are no interested position or no opening position available at this time but you are interested in the future opportunities, please check our positions in “Apply now” and submit your application. We will contact you if a role becomes available that matches your skills and experiences.

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